Commissioning or Purchasing


I undertake commissions for private and corporate clients and for public bodies. In all cases I work closely with the client in developing the ideas and in ensuring that the client’s wishes are respected.The usual working sequence starts with a meeting with the client to establish an informal working brief. This is followed by the production of drawings and maquettes showing alternative solutions. This process continues until a final direction is determined. Work then starts on production of the actual clay model or carving. Clients are encouraged to visit the studio to see work in progress. When the piece is finished to the client’s satisfaction carvings are delivered and clay models go for moulding and casting.

An initial payment is due at the end of the maquette stage. If the project is to go ahead two equal payments are made, one at the end of the modeling stage, or in the case of a carving, at the end of the forming stage prior to polishing, and one upon delivery. This sequence can be modified to suit circumstances.

Portrait commissions

I carry out portrait commissions by working directly from the sitter, either in the studio or at the sitter’s home. This enables me not only to gain a true physical likeness but also to convey the essence of the sitter’s personality. Sittings vary, but a total of six or eight hours spread over three or four sittings, usually on two consecutive days, is normal. I do not work from photographs unless no other way is possible.


While some of the sculpture on this website is privately owned or publicly sited, many other pieces are for sale directly from the sculptor.

Enquiries should be made via email to, or visit the contacts page. Small bronzes if not in stock will normally take six to eight weeks, and the same is true of ceramic sculptures.

Large figures in resin can also be cast in bronze. In this case delivery would take rather longer dependant on a number of factors including foundry workload and complexity of the figure.

When a piece is not in stock a deposit of 50% is required with the order, the balance payable on delivery.